ShieldMyTeen Refund Policy

Pre-Installation refund policy.

ShieldMyTeen offers a One Month pre-installation money back guarantee. This guarantee will be applicable in following cases.

  1. Customer is unable to install ShieldMyTeen successfully
  2. Customer is unable to gain access of the phone/computer that is to be controlled/monitored
  3. Not use data for purposes other than specified, or your written instructions, if any.

Post-Installation refund policy

ShieldMyTeen offers a 15 days post Installation money back guarantee. If there is an issue with the functionality of the ShieldMyTeen product on your Phone/Computer then our support staff will work with you to resolve the issue. The customer is required to report the issue within 05 days of installing ShieldMyTeen. If we are unable to resolve the issue reported subsequent to the installation of ShieldMyTeen, then a refund will be issued.